Monday, July 9, 2012

Tun Sakaran Marine Park - Bohey Dulang


One of my favorite places of all times, Bohey Dulang, one of the island among several islands in Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Semporna, Sabah.

 This is the place where you can find nature at its best. Some of the divers said you can find a lot more diverse marine life than Sipadan Island around this island because this island is practically untouched compared to other islands such as Sipadan, Kapalai or Mabul. Well, I wouldn't know whether it's true because I only did snorkeling and jungle trekking activities here, but what I know for sure you can find giant clams around this area.

See how pale I am!
Don't be fooled by the hill though, when I saw the hill from the beach, I was thinking it's going to be an easy climb, definitely easier than Broga Hill. I was boasting that I used to climb Broga Hill and the hill at FRIM and Bohey Dulang could not be more difficult to those hills, but I was completely wrong! The climb of the hill is not as easy as it tricked you to think. I was caught off guard (largely because of my lack of stamina) and almost surrendered. Some of the trails are very steep and require a lot of efforts.

My 3 young guides, Ah Lun, Ryan and Mus
 My 3 young guides really make me feel ashamed, here I am wearing full fledged sports gear, with my sports shoes, my DSLR, my mineral water, my practically empty knapsack, ready to embark on my jungle adventure but in the end, those 3 kids had to carry all my stuffs! I was so close of asking them to carry me also to the top of the hill!Halfway through, I was so tired and I practically lie on my back because I felt dizzy and short of breath. They were laughing their asses out at me! And at that time I vowed to myself that I will not attempt Bohey Dulang again!

 Alhamdulillah, after almost felt like dying, I managed to climb to the peak. The view from the peak literally took my breath away. I forgot that I almost fainted while climbing the hill, I forgot that I had vowed want to climb Bohey Dulang again, from that moment I made a different vow, I tell myself that I will climb the hill again and again as long as the beauty remain untouched.


On top of Bohey Dulang hill with my friends and guides.
All these pics were taken on auto setting, I have yet to master the manual adjustment of my DSLR's setting during this time, so the quality might not be as good.

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