Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Rubbish Thoughts

*When you try to bury your lies too deep, be careful because you are actually digging your own grave*

*Character assassination done by a person openly is actually assassinating that person's own character*

*Politics are for rats, that is why they are called 'politikus', for human, we should learn more about leadership*

*Telling untruthful things about someone is called slander, whereas telling truthful things about someone is called gossip, both are sins punishable with hell*

*A swindler calling a trickster a liar is like hens calling cocks chickens*

*A person who shits in public blaming a person who farts in public as contaminating the environment fails to smell his own faeces*

Nota ibu jari kaki:

Kata-kata org yg tgh pening edit translation org lain.

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