Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Preview - A Husband For My Mom (Part 2)

Unlike Ahmad, I don't have a dad. I did asked my mom why I don't have a dad. She was quiet at first, then she told me I don't have a dad because she doesn't have a husband. She has to have a husband first in order to give me a dad. That is why I asked Ahmad to help me to find a husband for my mom. I want to have a dad like Ahmad, so we decided to start our quest to find a husband for my mom.

 My mom is a very pretty lady. She's still young, she's only 27. I know she works as a secretary in one of the big firms in the city. Sometimes she works late, coming back at night. She also has a second job, doing MLM I think. It makes her very busy but she always tries to spend time with me. She told me living in the city is very demanding, she must work hard for both of us. I understand that, Ahmad's parents also said the same thing. I guess she must find enough money to send me to school next year and buy me the nice Ben 10 bag that I always wanted. So I don't really mind if she has to work. If she works late or travel outstation, I'll be spending time at Ahmad's house. Ahmad's parents don't really mind, Ahmad told me that her mother told him my mom is like a sister to her. Plus mom pays some money to Ahmad's mom to take care of me.

However, makcik Jenab, the grocer at our flat told me that mum works late because she's busy selling her body and that she has many customers. I was scared, I don't want mom to come back home without her body!I imagine she'll be 'penanggal' ghost if she doesn't have her body, moving around with only her head and her guts attached! That would be really scary! But mom always come back with her body still attached to her head, so I guess she does not sell her body and makcik Jenab was lying.

Kak Esah of the second floor told me different thing. She told me that my mom is a 'jalang' and that is how mom got me. I am a 'bastard' son to a 'jalang' woman. And then she smirked and sneered at me. And then Kak Esah, Makcik Jenab and few other ladies of the flat laughed at me, calling me 'anak haram'. I don't understand all those terms, how does they connect to each other? It is so mind boggling trying to figure it out. Ahmad told me perhaps the ladies were saying that my mom used to sell 'bastard' at at stall beside the 'jalan' and my mom is a 'haram' trader. Well, that make sense I think, because it will make me a son of a 'haram' trader, therefore I am indeed 'anak haram'.

I don't know why the ladies of the flat dislike my mom and I so much. I guess they are just jealous because mom is pretty, young and has education and a career, unlike them. Most of them are just housewives, some work from home, either making kueh or nasi lemak or taking care of other people's children while their moms work, like Ahmad's mom.

But the guys of the flat like my mom. They are always extra nice with mom. And this irked the ladies more. The ladies will eye their guys like hawks whenever mom is around.

I asked mom why other residents are so hateful of us. Mom said they are just jealous, we shouldn't be affected by their jealousy. Just ignore them. That is what mom told me. But sometimes I see mom cried silently in her room, whenever she heard someone called her 'jalang' or called me 'anak haram' or 'bastard'. Whenever I see her cried, I would hugged her and wiped her tears. I told her not to cry, I will find a stick and beat whoever called her 'jalang'. Mom will then laughed, hugged me back and called me her hero. She will then tell me that she only have me in her life and that we should take care of each others.


  1. melampau tu sampai panggil orang lain jalang . kan

  2. Biasa la mak esah kak kiah cik timah semua ni. huhuhu