Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life's Lesson

There were times when I thought running away from my issues and fears was the best solution, but I was wrong. I can keep on running but my issues and fears will continue to chase me, haunting me, taunting me. And I'll feel so hopelessly helpless, drained and exhausted. Eventually it'll drain my energy because my issues and fears just stubbornly refuse to disappear, I simply can't evade them.

But I am older and wiser now. Through life's lesson I learn that running away won't solve anything. It will only consume my energy, leaving me feeling beat up, dazed and confused. The best way from me to solve them is by standing upright, face them and fight with all my might. It will be tiring for a while but I've learned that I'll bounce back ten times more powerful than before. I've discovered that I have strength that I never knew I have, that I am not weak and that my weaknesses are not something that can't change and improve. I realized that all this while I've been having irrational assumption that I should be afraid of my fears and issues.

I also learned that everything happened for a reason and that there is a wisdom behind every 'kun fayakun'. Sometimes, things that we thought are the worst incidents can ever happened to us actually are blessings in disguise. Whatever doesn't kill me will only makes me stronger.
Thank you Allah for everything that you've blessed upon me.

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