Thursday, March 21, 2013

Procrastinating Only Gives You Nothing

I learn a painful lesson about procrastinating today, and it cost me a hefty loss!

I was awarded with a big translation project, and I was given 14 days to complete it. Well 14 days actually are more than enough. However, in my case, it is definitely not enough, why? Because I only started doing it on the 7th day before the delivery! Under normal circumstances, 7 days to complete 20k words would be enough for me. Armed with cans and cans of Red Bull, I can definitely burn my midnight oil and that was what I've been doing all these years. I only started doing something till the very last minute. And I found myself work better under the pressure, I can focus better and ignore all the distractions, partly because of my anxiety not being able to finish in time will keep me going and partly because I strive on the adrenaline rush, on the feeling of treading in danger. That is why I got attracted to all daredevils activities I guess, the feeling of exhilaration in challenging myself to do something that I don't know whether I can do or not. Those are not smart moves that will be taken to a cautious and reasonable persons, I know, but hell yeah they are fun and exciting! 

Anyway, my habit of doing things till the very last minute really put me in trouble this time. I forgot that I am not a machine and not everything will be smooth sailing. I'd been having stomach ache which I initially thought was gastric. Even the doctor at the clinic also diagnose it as advanced form of gastric and he gave me so called more powerful pills. Fine lah kan, I can still work with my computer, no big deal. But when after 2 weeks plus it still didn't go away, the doctor advised me to seek a specialist treatment. And I was like okay, lenggang lenggang kangkung pegi hospital to see the specialist. In my mind ok, it won't take long and I'll be getting an MC so I can focus on my translation at home. Yeay! Ambik kau, terus doctor tahan me at ward so that he can conduct further tests. It was a daily admission, and he was telling me it will be only for 6 hours, in the end I had to spend 12 hours in the hospital and had to go through CT scan, ultrasound, colonoscopy  and everything. Musnah terus segala plan and ultimately I will miss my deadline, in fact missed the deadline not just 1 day, 2 days or 3. I missed it by almost 5 days because I kept on fallen asleep after taking the medication. 

Today I was struggling and rushing to finish the project, suddenly I got an email saying that the client has cancelled the order and the agency even lost that client! Darn! I only have few more pages to go and I had taken Red Bull! It such waste of time and not to mention my Red Bull. Well, apa nak buat dah salah sendiri. Stupid mistake that cost me 3k++  and a wrath from my agency. Janganlah diorang blacklist aku! Habis periuk nasik aku nanti dah la diorang ni lah yang paling banyak bagi job!

So lesson learnt, do not procrastinate. Start early and always provide a safety buffer in case things happened, well you know, like bacteria infection and file got corrupted on top of that! Arghhhhhhhh!!!  Big sigh....really big sigh!

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