Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Modern Woman Dilemma

I received a call from the HR people of my new employer today. They are pretty concerned on whether I can really start working in August or there is a possibility I will extend it again after extending from June to July and now to August. They told me that they cannot wait for me more than that and if I can't start working in August, they will need to cancel my offer letter. And they said the alternative of me working from home is not possible because of the nature of work which require me to be in the office.

They asked whether they can talk to my doctor to get a clear picture. I agreed. I have no problem about them talking to my doctor. Well, I have nothing to hide. I asked for further extension because my doctor advised me too. I hope we can reach a win-win decision.

I'll be lying if I say I'm not worried and I don't care whether I have the job or not. Hell! That's my future. If they canceled my offer letter, I'll be jobless since I've already resigned from my previous employment. Though there are several opportunities, I still need to wait until I completely recover from the injury, which will still set me back to August. And there are bills to be paid, car loan, housing loan, personal loan, credit cards etc. Haih! Life is so much easier when I only have my paycheck and cloth on my back. Financial commitments really set us back, making us afraid to take chances.

On the other hand, it is unfair for me to ask them to wait further. They asked me to start on 11 June and now 1 month has passed and I still can't start because of my broken leg. They are really shorthanded and they cannot afford to wait further.

So here I am, practically half disabled, bored to death at home. I need assistance to do even the simplest activity like getting food from the fridge! And now having to face the risk of losing job, my career and become 'penganggur terhormat'. It never really occurred to my mind previously that life can be this complicated.

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